Residential Lighting


  • Company
    allume arquitetura de iluminação
  • Lead Designer
    Marina Makowiecky
  • Categories
    Winner in Residential Lighting
  • Location
    Criciúma - Santa Catarina , Brazil

Casa 01 is a private residence in South of Brazil. A sustainable construction surrounded by very green and marked by planes of apparent concrete, bamboo and wood, composes an horizontal volume that seems to float above ground. The main goal of the lighting design was to permit that the nice architecture could be seen at night entirely, like a block floating in the site, built near a lake. To achieve it we decided to value shapes and materials through discrete lighting solutions, causing less interference in the architecture. Indirect lighting and light lines were heavily used providing general light. Direct and focused light was used for achieve specific purposes where was needed and asked by the clients. With the collaboration between our office and the other professionals involved in the project like architecture, electrical engineering and construction it was possible to predict all the details that would be fundamental for the correct execution of the project.