Interior Architectural Illumination

Slack Headquarters - Phase 1

  • Company
  • Lead Designer
    Eric Parker, Key Anderson, Maki Jung, Eduardo Samayoa
  • Categories
    Winner in Interior Architectural Illumination
  • Location
    San Francisco, United States

Every journey follows a distinct path. Sometimes it’s a well- traveled trail; sometimes it’s a trail you pioneer yourself by overcoming obstacles. Where it leads is determined by the quality of the journey, and the rewards are often richest when the path has been a challenge. For that reason it’s important to carry with you only what you need. The inspiration for Slack Headquarters was drawn from the trails of the Pacific Crest Trail- an unbroken path from San Diego to British Columbia. The journey up each floor through lighting followed that theory- enhance the journey without distraction. We envisioned this thread of lighting as a network of "trails" composed of work spaces, meeting vistas, private caves, and maybe even a mirage of a corridor. The goal: To provide a blissful environment and place of comfort, complimented with playful experiences and textural surprises around every corner.