Industrial Design


  • Lead Designer
    Bekir Kelceoglu
  • Categories
    Winner in Industrial Design
  • Location
    Syracuse, NY USA, United States

mAPPLE CONCEPT STATEMENT The apple tree just happened to be there, providing its shadow to Sir Isaac Newton while he was sipping his tea under it. Then came down the infamous apple, falling right in front of him. It was the moment the whole of humanity was waiting for. So, we all know the rest of the story. However, what if there was a maple tree instead of an apple? Surely, gravity would do its job to pull it down to earth, but what about Newton? Would he experience the “Eureka!” moment while watching a maple seed swirling gently towards the earth? We will never know. mAPPLE was inspired by this perception: seeing the forces of the cosmos with a different eye. Although we don’t sense them, the forces of cosmos are all around us. We cannot see gravity or feel magnetism, but the mAPPLE helps to visualize these forces in the form of art and technology. PROJECT SPECS mAPPLE is bottom heavy and goes back to upright position if disturbed. There are two sensors on top providing magnetic (compass) and gravity information. A microprocessor drives the RGB-LEDs embedded in the fixture, changing color from blue (North) to red (South) and intensity to 100% (full upright) to 0% (45 degrees or more). Bottom part houses the rechargeable battery and other electronic components. Maple wood and aircraft grade canvas on laser cut ribs. (12”x12”x48”) BIO Bekir Kelceoglu is a professor and a designer. Passionate about design and emerging technology, he has been actively teaching, researching, and designing architectural products for more than 18 years. Originally from Turkey, he has a bachelor’s degree in interior architecture from Anadolu University, Turkey; and, master of fine arts degree in industrial design development from the Ohio State University. He lives and designs in Syracuse, NY, USA.