Lighting Control Systems

NX Distributed Intelligence from Hubbell Control Solutions

  • Company
    Hubbell Control Solutions
  • Lead Designer
    Michael McCullough
  • Categories
    Winner in Lighting Control Systems
  • Location
    Greenville, SC, United States

NX Distributed Intelligence eliminates common operational dependencies on software, gateways and servers found in other lighting control systems by distributing control logic to each lighting control device. The suite of products was driven by the need for scalability and simplicity. NX Distributed Intelligence is simple, it connects intelligent devices, such as luminaires, room controllers, panels, occupancy sensors, photocells, wall switches, relays and dimmers. Applications include occupancy and vacancy, scheduling, daylight harvesting, 0-10V dimming, color temperature control, task tuning and occupant control. For example, included in the NX platform offering is Intelliscope, a new and unique occupancy visualization tool for customizing and testing NX luminaire-based smart sensors. Motion capture by the sensor is displayed in real-time on the NX Device Setup app, which is compatible with iOS and Android devices. The NX platform is also compatible with Hubbell Lighting’s SpectraSync color tuning technology. SpectraSync provides three distinct options for color temperature control of indoor spaces: Dim to Warm (2200-3000K), Tunable White (2700-5000K, 2700-6500K) and Scheduled White (2700-5000K, 2700-6500K). NX provides “plug and play” operation for SpectraSync luminaires and can be customized to meet unique end-user requirements. Scheduled White automates color-temperature and light levels throughout the day, through the NX Device Setup app and by leveraging real-time clocks (RTC) embedded in NX luminaire-based controllers. NX devices simplify installation and are capable of automatically self-configuring to address energy code requirements and provide “out of the box” functionality.