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Hemera Desk Lamp

  • Company
    Ross Gardam
  • Lead Designer
    Ross Gardam
  • Categories
    Winner in Desk Lamps, Floor Lamps
  • Location
    Melbourne, Australia, Australia

Hemera is powerful in its simplicity of form. The Hemera features two solid circular volumes which intersect with no visible light source, creating a striking desktop monolith. Manufactured almost entirely from Elba marble, Hemera classically references traditional construction techniques with a contemporary approach and attention to detail. The top cone component is designed to act as a reflector and thus appear as the light source. The cone directs light out of the column to the underside of the shade, and in turn, down onto surfaces, then allowing light to reflect up, illuminating the column, creating a halo when viewing Hemera from above. Assembly utilises the weight of the material, with pieces sitting on top of each other with no fasteners or adhesives, continuing the materials flawless surface. The body of Hemera, throws a soft, circular glow, which emits light naturally removing any hint to artificial light.