AETHER: creating audio visual performances through our own brain and emotions.

CompanyCLD ITMO University
Lead DesignerDaria Chirimisina
CategoryProjection/Theater Lighting
DateNovember 2017
LocationSt. Petersburg, Russia, Russian Federation
AETHER is the innovative art and science project designed to create new individual forms of communication through interactive theatre experience where spectators fulfil the roles of actors, lighting artists and directors of the performance. The performance involves the use of two independent spaces. Space1 (S1) is reserved for one participant equipped with neuro-interfaces (NI). Several other participants, provided with a videocamera which transmits the image and sound to S1, operate in Space2 (S2). The participant in S1 can see the activity of the other participants in S2. The NI records the participant’s brainwaves and sends them to a computer system, which structures the obtained information through a special software application and detects one of four states of mood: angry, happy, sad, or relaxed. Based on this input, the content of the performance is generated and played according to different personalised scenarios involving sound (music) and emotion visualization through lighting effects. The content of the performance depends on the spectator’s emotions and is always unique. It can be played in both Spaces simultaneously and thus affects the behavior of all participants.