SEIBU IKEBUKURO Prestige Boutique

Lead DesignerHisaaki Hirawata + Tomohiro Watabe
CategoryFashion Lighting Design
DateMarch, 2016
LocationTokyo Japan, Japan
Environment design of the SEIBU Department store prestige zone. The theme of MD is "World Travel" and design concept as "VOYAGE". The minimal lighting illuminace will make ab extraordinary feeling to the space. In the center of the floor there is a promotional space to enhance freshness and it is a symbol of the environment. The ceiling of it is made in a unique shape which images you sail of a boat and the wave of the sea. The reason for this symbol is from the design concept. The lightning is Covered with a thin 1mm resin plate which was molded the LED plate that bends of a thin and also very light like paper. In the elevator hall, a semicircular light bar made by cutting out resin is hung, exit of the escalator, according to the framework of light, emphasize the showcase, this whole space will stop the guests and give an impact not to bore with the playful light effect in many ways. We tried to make a space which will remain in the guest memories after visiting and leaving.