The Zenith Plaza

CompanyJ.Y. Lighting Design
Lead DesignerLiu Chun-Yu
CategoryResidential Lighting
DateFebruary 2017
LocationTaiwan ,Taoyuan, Taiwan
Located in Taiwan,Taoyuan The building is framed and illuminated by geometric light design The exterior brightens by different shades of light to showcase different layers and details in architecture, thus it will stand out from its surrounding. Main entrance frames by indirect light design, the shadow casting from pillar and architectural details make the entrance main focus of the exterior. The light shining through the grille on the facade plays out the different texture and expression. The skyline is colored by 2400K that will enrich the texture and making the building an outstanding focal point Interior light not only emphasizing on creating comfortable atmosphere, is also considerate how users will move and feel in the surrounding, so it won’t glare and works as safety guidance. The light system will used LED and controlled by timer to be energy efficient, and thus create a comfortable, harmonious, and safe environment for all.