Lead DesignerVadim Dakhov
CategoryResidential Lighting
DateMay 2017
LocationRussia, Moscow, Russian Federation
We created an effective ambient illumination system to make our users feel comfortable and safety enjoying the surroundings. The comfortable ambient light level, the lighting temperature and the brightness contrasting effect on the entrance area create an accurate functional lighting environment. Architectural lighting is formed by local lighting on facades, decorative glowing elements in the area and the lighting dominant effect. With a view of lighting the dominant spot, we chose an archway in one of the housing units. The decision was primarily aimed at highlighting the archway. The historical configuration of the redevelopment project includes four arches in different housing units. We decided to highlight one of them to create an effective night-time illumination model. This trick will definitely help find the way around in the residential complex. And together with the chromatic colors it looks amazing! Furthermore, the Aphrodite smooth flow gives us a strong emotional impression! We got a wonderful night lighting atmosphere as a result!