Lead DesignerJack Weir
CategoryTheater Performance Design
DateJune 2017
LocationArts Theatre, London West End, United Kingdom
Judy! A biopic musical on the life of the legend and icon; Judy Garland. This was a transfer production from the Southwark Playhouse, previously titled "Through The Mill' and ran at The Arts Theatre for a month in London's West End. The shows narrative centralises around three different actors playing the role of Judy, from three very distinctive moments in her career. This encouraged a lighting design that was able to help guide the audience through the moments in which these shifts in time happened, in addition to providing a suitable backdrop to the locations the story covers including the CBS studio, the stage of the Palace Theatre NY and smaller locations like Judy's dressing room and rehearsal studio. At several moments throughout the show, the perspective on Judy's life would have to shift very quickly, for example suddenly being live on stage recording at CBS. This was almost entirely achieved by lighting, particularly when two or more Judy's were on stage at the same time.