Lead DesignerJeanette Oi-Suk Yew
CategoryTheater Performance Design
DateSeptember 2017
LocationNew York, NY, United States
KPOP is an immersive musical depicting a Korean pop label's invasion into America. It took audience through five distinct locations: a press conference room that transformed into a pop concert stage, a K-pop music factory where the girl Special K band learns to be perfect, a custom-built “spa” fits for diva MWE’s explosive personality, a F8 Lounge where we witness the trials and tribulation of the boy F8 band, and a stylized lobby with display of products and press. Each space had a unique lighting environment that held the narratives, felt contemporary and responsive to the dynamic shift in the music and choreography. Lighting and Sound America describes the overall design as a “display [of] both her naturalistic style and concert-lighting chops”. As a designer, I aim to create a visual environment that is organically integrated into the landscape and language of the production. My approach is creative and unconventional due to their diverse and genre-defying nature.