Westpac Barangaroo

CompanyPoint Of View
Lead DesignerAmara Clarke, Mark Elliott, Simon Lefort, Shweta Kapoor
CategoryWorkplace Lighting
DateMarch 2016
LocationSydney, Australia, Australia
The elegance of the lighting scheme and finishes celebrate the refined interior design commensurate of this leading financial institution Warmer colour temperatures of 2700K and 3000K is utilised to differentiate these from the general workstation areas elsewhere in the building. Each of the typical workspace floors has different theme and the lighting responds to each of these "villages". Clever integration and placement of luminaires, along with the selection of pendants, ensure the lighting compliments and enhances the interior design aesthetic. Low level task based lighting solutions help minimise energy consumption by allowing ambient light allowing ambient light levels to be lower. All client facing areas use a consistency in lighting features and palette. Warm pockets of light and elegant fittings furnish the client floors producing an ambience reminiscent of a hotel lobby, while vertical surfaces in circulation areas are enhanced through linear lighting, balancing the daylight