His Majesty’s Theatre

CompanyKLD Perth
Lead DesignerStan White/ Martin Klaasen
CategoryHeritage Lighting
DateJuly 2016
LocationPerth - Western Australia, Australia
The lighting design concept for His Majesty’s Theatre was developed to provide a subtle contrast in lighting levels with the brightness decreasing upwards on the columns and increasing on the balconies and window frames to accentuate the inherent architectural signature of the building. The only visible light fixtures are unavoidably located on top of the more recent non heritage canopy awning. Every part of the lighting design was developed in careful consideration of minimising energy, glare, and spill light, and the colour temperature and CRI provide a crisp and natural representation of the restored façade. The balance of brightness assures that the architectural detailing is appreciated throughout its entirety. The overall energy load ended up a little over 1KW for the whole façade, a considerable achievement considering the extent and intricacy of the architecture and both energy consumption and brightness exceed the city’s guidelines for exterior lighting.