Gvsai Beise Mansion Lighting Design

CompanyHighEco (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.
Lead DesignerDawei LI
CategoryHeritage Lighting
DateSeptember 2017
LocationBeijing, China, China
Gvsai Beise Mansion was the new mansion of Prince (Beise) Mianxun in the eighth year of Tongzhi Emperor(1869). It has kept the original appearance completely. We did research on the light environment of ‘Oil Lamp Era’ and we summarize the living conditions of the ancients at night. We decided to restore the night's perception of the ancient and meet the needs of modern use at the same time. We used the theory of ‘impact of visual stimulation to mood swings’ to design the lighting for the three courtyards. Through the study of the functional relations, spatial relations and light environment relations between the surrounding and the courtyards, we got a "sense of intention". In the nightscape lighting design, we gave different lighting designs to different spaces in order to "redesign" the lighting environments of the yards.