Strasbourg Cathedral

CompanyActe Lumiere
Lead DesignerJean-Yves SOETINCK
CategoryHeritage Lighting
Dateoctober 2016
LocationStrasbourg, France
Considered as one of the greatest masterpieces of gothic architecture, iconic STRASBOURG Cathedral, revels in newfound splendour. It is distinguished by a particular work on the details, which is perfectly integrated and respectful of the patrimony. 600 LED projectors creating warm accent lighting and highlights which contrast beautifully with the cast and modeled shadows, resulting in an overall glow and a peaceful illumination. The Ambient luminescence is achieved using concealed light sources (2700K, 2SDCM) which allow the deep colours of the sandstone and the intricate layers of masonry to be revealed. Focal Glow and Highlights enhance the numerous architectural details and plentiful sculptures using Dynamic-White luminaires on building to produce two lighting scenes to play out during the night. No devices (except inground) are visible from outside. This results in a balanced, quiet, « chiseled light » and a magnificent poetic glow.