Museum of the Cathedral, Florence

CompanyStudio Massimo Iarussi Progettazione della Luce
Lead DesignerMassimo Iarussi
CategoryHeritage Lighting
DateOctober, 2015
LocationFlorence, Italy, Italy
The Museum of the Cathedral of Florence hosts the world’s greatest collection of sculptures of Florentine Renaissance. The museum path is made of a succession of plot twists, of which the light is the natural complement. All over the museum path the light is used to keep visitor’s attention. Luminous signs projected on the floor guide the visitors through the path. The centerpiece of the Museum evokes an outdoor environment: in the daytime, skylights take advantage from the daylight, enhancing that suggestion while achieving energy saving. The diffused light coming from the skylights, which evokes the sky vault, is combined with accent light, which gives relief to the sculptures simulating the direct light of the sun. Lighting fixtures are easily accessible from the loft, for aiming and maintenance. Strong contrasts emphasize the sunken face of the astonishing Donatello's Magdalene, while the lighting of the Michelangelo’s Pietà simulates a “divine light”, coming from above.