Data is Beautiful - Tieto HQ Espoo Finland

Lead DesignerLDC - Lighting Design Collective
CategoryInteractive Lighting Projects
DateOctober 2017
LocationHelsinki, Spain
This is a digital light intervention for TIETO, Finnish IT company who created an Intelligent Building collecting and analyzing data from thousands of sensors within the HQ. LDC visualised the IoT output with unique lighting intervention interacting with live data. To interact with the IoT network first a virtual reality model was build then the live data was integrated directly into the VR and finally translated into the space. Latest printed electronics technologies with semi-transparent film creating individually controlled points of light suspended in space were used to create 26m tall 3D light sculpture. The reception desk has this material behind glass and the walls has it behind fabric panels immersing the visitors. In the corridors the data flows through LoT downlights where the beam width and the colour responds to the live digital content. In the end the light created a new kind of cyber physical architecture where the interactive live digital data flows into the environment.