CompanyTangible Interaction
Lead DesignerAlex Beim
CategoryInteractive Lighting Projects
DateJuly 2017
LocationVancouver, British Columbia, CANADA, Canada
OH! is an interactive art installation that allows participants to affect Vancouver’s night skyline in real time by changing the lights on Science World’s dome, one of the city’s most iconic buildings. Covered with 240 sensors and LEDs, OH! is a scale model of Science World’s geodesic dome that can sense the movement of people’s hands. As someone moves around the model, they can see how their motions translate into different animations onto the dome. The way the installation works is that the data captured by the sensors is sent directly through a wireless cellphone network to Science World and processed by a custom piece of software Tangible engineered to control the light animations on the dome. During the summer of 2017, OH! was set up at an optimal viewing distance from the museum along a popular pedestrian pathway. The installation was free and open to the public. We love bringing an element of surprise to people and giving them something that brings them back to the present.