Park View Square - Atlas Bar

CompanyKLD Singapore
Lead DesignerCheryline Chua /Martin Klaasen
CategoryHotel and Restaurants Lighting
DateApril 2017
LocationSingapore, Australia
The Atlas Bar (previously an historic Singapore landmark the Divine Bar) is located on the ground floor of the Park View Square Building in Singapore and was required to draw heavily on the existing heritage features. A suspended lighting structure with additional programmable lighting was therefore installed In order to respect the existing features while achieving the new operational requirements. The design was developed on a multi-level lighting strategy for day time, sunset, early evening and late evening hours. Distinctive lighting contrast was achieved by focussing lighting on high visual and feature architectural elements To complement the visual balance and create intimacy, floor and table lamps were introduced. The bar and wine displays also received a total make over. To reinforce the predominant art deco brass finishes the main colour temperature is a combination of 2700 and 3000K with a high colour rendering quality and high binning tolerance.