CAP 3000

CompanyAtelier H. Audibert
Lead DesignerHervé Audibert
CategoryInterior Architectural Illumination
DateSeptember 2016
LocationSaint-Laurent-du-Var, France
The shopping mall Cap3000 is based in Saint-Laurent-du-Var and located in the Côte d'Azur, where the Atelier Hervé Audibert achieved several projects. The lighting concept has been developed closely with the interior design team Jouin Manku. The interior lighting project is inspired by the marine environment. With the lighting we were able to recreate the marine snow atmosphere, in some places, the circular movement of a giant shoal fish. Several aspects are represented : the depths, the movements and the natural process. This approach is interpreted with a poetic vocabulary in an elegant way. The monumental illuminated sign is built as an anamorphosis projection composed of a nearly a thousand luminous points. The set of points recreate the image of the marine snow atmosphere, but in the axis of the main entrance the sign "Cap3000" become visible to the visitors. Beyond that, it respects the many specifics issues of the site : security, quality and quantity of light…