The Cloud

CompanyArchitecture Design Collaborative
Lead DesignerCraig Chinn
CategoryInterior Architectural Illumination
DateFebruary, 2017
LocationPerimeter Mall - Atlanta,GA, United States
The Cloud was aimed at rejuvenating a dark corridor while relating to the overall renovation design concept of an outdoor lifestyle in an indoor environment. The issue presented was part perceptive as the adjacent skylights on either end left this central corridor in a dark contrast. The inspiration and objective of the project quickly became a light diffusing system that would mimic that of sprinkled light particles found in clouds and illuminate the space. The Cloud’s nebulous form was configured through a series of translucent panels in combination with linear light fixtures precisely placed, performing a cascading light effect. The Cloud’s organic form was approached through a series of translucent panels precisely designed to achieve the rather nebulous structure. The slight variations on the panels were custom designed and fabricated with a signature transparency that would interact with the linear LED fixture to diffuse light and resemble natural clouds.