The Wave

CompanyArchitecture Design Collaborative
Lead DesignerCraig Chinn
CategoryInterior Architectural Illumination
DateJuly, 2017
LocationPerimeter Mall - Atlanta,GA, United States
The concept proclaimed a playful fluid movement by using light as a medium, creating a light installation that transcends the original lighting scheme. The hanging light sculpture extends the length of the corridor, providing a gentle wave-like experience through its undulating essence and illumination. Within the constraint of working with a limited budget, the opportunity was to design a creative light source through readily available products that would be attractive in design while providing little to no customization in production.The centerpiece was developed through the use of forty linear light fixtures suspended at alternating heights, each centered on its axis in a series of rhythmic undulating movements. The design achieved the smooth transition and even distribution, to provide a gentle wave-like experience through its illumination.