Hyundai Showroom, Pune

Lead DesignerAkash Mehta
CategoryInterior Architectural Illumination
DateJanuary 2017
LocationPUNE, India
We have used 3500k with 95 CRI which was specifically ordered and made for the showroom. Lighting levels have maintained about 1000lux on the display cars. The pièce de résistance is the staircase which winds up to the cabin of the MD. Its underbelly is lit from within, with dimmable lighting behind the Barrisol fabric which stretches across its base; the luminous, sweeping glow emphasises its twisting sculpturesque form, while the dark corian on the sides prevents light from leaking through, even as it provides a stark contrast to the light below. Echoing the under- side of the staircase, the dark handrail too is traced with light by a cove which casts light downwards, seamlessly following its curve.Endo lighting was extensively used for Architectural lighting. Maximum attention was given to lighting up with minimum glare and focusing light on product display. Day light sensors and motion sensors were installed at required areas to maximise energy saving.