Mathematics: The Winton Gallery

CompanyArup Lighting
Lead DesignerGuillermo Martinez
CategoryInterior Architectural Illumination
DateDecember, 2016
LocationLondon (UK), Spain
Arup applied strategic thinking and experience to the project, and focused on creating a memorable space through the use of light, so that visitors have a breath-taking and unforgettable experience. The gallery is a key attraction for the Science Museum. As an art installation, the central pod has a major significance to the venue and the general public. The pod not only acts as a backdrop to one of the most significant objects of aeronautical research history, it is a significant structure in its own right as an illustration of advanced construction techniques. The project features an extremely complex and technical solution, yet perfectly integrates with one of the most iconic and organic architectural designs. The blend between hues of purple and blue from the central pod are unprecedented in a gallery setting. All objects are rendered crisp and clear, and visitors experience the magnificent architecture of the space, through a lighting display that guides their journey into maths.