Dolce&Gabbana Store in Aoyama

CompanyBarbara Balestreri Lighting Design
Lead DesignerBarbara Balestreri
CategoryInterior Architectural Illumination
DateSeptember, 2016
LocationTokyo, Japan, Italy
Barbara Balestreri’s lightecture for Dolce & Gabbana flagship store in Aoyama, Tokyo features a dynamic and kaleidoscopic concert of light alternatively highlighting products to suggest infinite outfits. The Milan-based studio took inspiration from how millennials choose their look while surfing on Instagram. “On Instagram, the eye scrolls through never ending pictures slotted in grids to find catchy inspirations.” Explains Barbara Balestreri. “With this design solution we aimed to plunge customers into an immersive, non-aggressive and non-digital version of social media experience”. The “lightecture” creates sharp dynamic contrasts of light and shadow. Commercial environment embraces the dramatic world of theatre: traditional retail lighting solutions were implemented by using stage projectors. Credits: Lightecture by Barbara Balestreri and Gwenael Nicolas, CURIOSITY Photos by CURIOSITY