State Parliament of Baden-Wuerttemberg

CompanyLicht Kunst Licht AG
Lead DesignerAndreas Schulz, Benjamin Dorff, Maik Czarniak
CategoryInterior Architectural Illumination
DateMay 2016
LocationStuttgart, Germany, Germany
For the general renovation of the state parliament building, two goals were set: On one hand, the historic registered properties had to be preserved. On the other hand, the assembly hall – previously solely lit by artificial light sources – was to be opened up for daylight. In collaboration with the architects the lighting designers developed an elegant solution not altering the external appearance of the structure characterized by glass and bronze, yet brings daylight even into its very core. In the remaining building areas, a consistently LED-based lighting concept celebrates the elegant approach of post-war modernism. The previously windowless, introverted space of the plenary hall received a remarkable makeover: A noticeable influx of natural light and direct visual connection to the outside has become possible by opening of the roof: 12 large circular skylights with a diameter of 2.60 meters and 36 smaller ones with a diameter of 0.80 meters were inserted flush with the flat roof.