Baiyunting Culture & Art Center

CompanyShanghai Ruiyi Design
Lead DesignerGuojian HU
CategoryExterior Architectural Illumination
DateDecember, 2014
LocationNanjing, China, China
Baiyunting Culture & Art Center is a renovation project, which locates in Nanjing as a local landmark public building. The main building wears a light silver-gray coat made of folded perforated aluminum boards, just like the name in Chinese meaning “white cloud”. The linear LED floodlights concealed behind the metal curtain walls, illuminating the surfaces of the inner walls evenly. Meanwhile, The inground uplights along the periphery of the building wash the lower part of the outer walls subtly. With both sides of the lighting, the skin looks light and transparent. In order to strengthen the large glass curtain wall above the canopy, floodlights illuminate the whole recessed space. A row of metal halide spotlights are also used for the metal curtain wall above the canopy to keep the trenchancy of the skin as seen at the ground level. In the east façade of the building, Linear LED wall washers are installed along the bottom of the glass louvres.