CompanyBIG Architectural Lighting
Lead DesignerJose Benitez Gonzalez
CategoryExterior Architectural Illumination
LocationCORDOBA - SPAIN, Spain
The lighting project of this Library is a sensory experience for a small rural population in the interior of Andalucia. A transgressive bet of the architects Francisco López and Gudula Rudolf who put a large concrete box lying on a hillside in front of a green garden. The main actor is the façade, which protects the sun from the sun and projects the views towards the garden At night transforms the sober concrete into a spectacle full of movement, color, illusion and fun for the inhabitants of this small town. The volume of the concrete blocks is resounded by the projection of the light which bathes evenly and cleanly facing the walls. The projected control system allows us to control each module independently so that the spectrum of possibilities is infinite. we work on an RGB IP67 luminaire embedded in the base of the modules and connected all to a control software by means of DMX.