Renovation of Kunshan Traditional Village

CompanyBeijing United Artists Lighting Design Corp. Ltd.
Lead DesignerDongning Wang
CategoryExterior Architectural Illumination
DateNov 28th, 2016
LocationKunshan City, Jiangsu Province, China, China
The significant meaning of this project lies in that the new exploration of rejuvenating Chinese villages in general, the architect rejected the preliminary proposal that to demolish the old and run-down village for economic value, instead, to respect the historical logic of itself and redesign buildings based on their old structures. The lighting design, more accurately speaking, was compounded one which applied to 3 smaller renovation projects, one brick museum, one Kunqu opera school and one hotel. We used one oriental language to express lighting through out 3 to show a humble and delicate side of the village. This renovated project aims to reappear the old prosperous scene of the same place, and to arouse the vital possibility of this village in modern age. More preciously, this village also might be the Kunqu opera firstly originated. So oriental way of expressing light is the key tone of the design.