Anzac Memorial Sydney

CompanyPoint Of View
Lead DesignerMark Elliott, Amara Clarke
CategoryExterior Architectural Illumination
DateApril 2014
LocationSydney, Australia, Australia
Lighting to the Memorial is respectful to both its architecture and important symbolic stature. Warm white colour temperatures render the sandstone material accurately. The geometry of the lower podium is highlighted through a discrete high output linear LED concealed in the shadow detail along the perimeter of the building, providing a visual base and acts as a plinth for the Memorial Building. Sculptures around the perimeter and corners are lit through the use of super narrow beam spotlights, mounted remotely on poles, accentuating the form and revealing the detail of each. Windows and sculpted reliefs are highlighted through the use of a linear LED up light (warm white) which accents both the framing and geometry. Efficient warm white linear LED enhance the layers of ziggurat rooftop and provides both a capping and visual landmark, visible from numerous locations in the city. Baffles and precise optics limit stray and obtrusive light, containing the effect to the façade.