Magic Kaleidoscope

Lead DesignerA2arquitectos
CategoryLight Art Project
DateOctober 2015
LocationPalais de Tokyo, Paris, Spain
The Kaleidoscope is traditional concept toy. This toy has been played with by generations who have enjoyed its optical effects. A2arquitectos has decided to build this large scale model of the Kaleidoscope so people can interact with it. The piece consists of a Hexagonal reflective tunnel measuring 6 meters in length and 2 meters in height. The magic is created by reflecting external views, reflections and the people walking inside them, thus creating multiple worlds to explore. Such elements include light and the visitor who trigger a set of reflective effects. This illusion forms the key aspect of the kaleidoscope; the unusual shapes, repetition of pattern and beautiful colours engender a dream-like world. The piece allows people to walk inside and interact with all the space, part of their own kaleidoscopic effect experiencing a strange sensation of weightlessness from the view that is created.