Companyhanczar studio
Lead DesignerSzymon Hanczar, Magdalena Kasprzyca, Przemyslaw Slowik
CategoryLight Art Project
DateJuly 2017
LocationSuprasl, Poland, Poland
An object was created for the exposition of small ceramic forms for hydroponic growing of plants, by the artist Alicja Patanowska. The main inspiration was the greenhouse and thanks to the modified roof geometry it was given its lofty character. From the very beginning designers intended to emphasize artistic objects together with the growing plants in them. Light was the element that enabled them to achieve this goal. Lighting was placed in shelves. An important aspect of the small architecture was the illumination of glass objects at the base, which allowed to extract their values ​​and focus on them. The object was a part of the festival program Podlasie SlowFest 2017, festival lasted for 2.5 months, rightly for the "slow life" event located in a small town near the Bialowieza Forest. Placing the illuminated installation in the urban space attracted the observers immersed in the gray reality and did not allow them to remain indifferent to such a distinct form.