shine on me

CompanyZwicker AG Licht Switzerland
Lead DesignerGallus Zwicker
CategoryLight Art Project / Exterior Architectural Illumination / Interactive Lighting Projects / LED Exterior Systems
DateDecember 2012
LocationCH 9000 St. Gallen, Switzerland
«Shine on me» is an interactive illumination of a listed wooden bridge linking Switzerland with the principality of Liechtenstein. The work is as subtle as it is complex: when the bridge is not in use, the interior is in darkness – from the outside, it is recognisable by rays of light emanating from the openings between the slats. As soon as a pedestrian, cyclist or rider accesses the bridge, all lights are switched to a minimum light intensity and the first light is activated 100%. When the person moves forward, detectors in the other lights continue to determine the position, direction of movement and speed of the object detected. The lights communicate with each other and respond to the interaction accordingly. When people pass each other, their pools of light merge. Encounters are intense. The work by Gallus Zwicker gives the user an astonishing self-awareness and perception of his or her movements in both time and space, completely without gimmickry.