Kunshan Theater (Kunshan Civic Center)

CompanyBeijing United Artists Lighting Design Corp. Ltd.
Lead DesignerDongning Wang
CategoryLight Art Project / Interior Architectural Illumination / Community Building Lighting
DateJul 3th, 2017
LocationKunshan City, Jiangsu Province, China, China
‘Appreciating an ancient art in the modern public realm’is the motto for Kunshan Theater(Kunshan Civic Center). To demonstrate the historical spirit of Kun opera (from the 16th century), we developed a huge “performing” canopy, which was clad in light, comprised of perforated and mirror stainless steel, so that it can transfer red and amber floodlights above it and at meantime reflecting surroundings and people in realtime. We also invented three types of sail membrane to let directing light go through and scatter in specific zones. That the three light effect all together makes the canopy a very beautiful gouache lighting painting.