Intangible moments that light can create

Companyit does Lighting Ltd - bringing ideas to light
Lead DesignerLorraine Calcott
CategoryLight Art Project
DateMay 2017
LocationUK, United Kingdom
The night is the new day exploring subtle lighting, to play with the form & to add intrigue, depth & contrast. The idea was not to blast the sculpture with lots of light but simply to wash it gently as if bathed in moonlight. The lighting aimed to reveal the soft encounters of life & the show stopper work of art; The Stag Sphere. The 10-metre-tall sculpture which sits at the entrance to the site, explores the fine detail in which light can reveal the creativity & inspiration the development has to offer. The top of the sphere uses a warm 3000K LED mirroring a blood moon lit night & the bottom uses 4000K to reflect the nature of water which this half represents. The LEDs are directed from the base of the tree, uplighting the intertwining surfaces of the trunk connecting to the magnificent stag antlers. Using 3000K at the top adds perceived weight to sculpture whilst 4000K explores the perceivable weight of water magnifying its reflective qualities.