Light Masonry

CompanyJason Bruges Studio
Lead DesignerKirstine Jaeger
CategoryLight Art Project
DateNovember 2016
LocationYork Minster, York, UK, United Kingdom
Light Masonry is an epic, site specific, light installation based in the main nave of York Minster. The artwork is founded on the construct of creating a secondary layer of dynamic, temporal and ephemeral architecture sculptured from light. Inspired by the continuous crafting and iterating of the layers of work by the Minster’s stonemasons, the studio has investigated the relationship between the vaults, light and the audience. Drawing upon the ceremonial nature of the space, the studio has created a synchronized procession of light that highlights and explores the nave as a choreographed architectural experience. The art installation inscribes the perimeter of the main nave and is constructed from a bespoke system of 48 computer controlled Icon Beam moving head luminaires, animating a dynamic light architecture around the atmospheric volumes of the nave. The piece is immersive and complimented by a live soundscape of Intervallo by Arvo Pärt.