VGoray audiovisual project: creating the mobile restorative environment to increase productivity and well being

CompanyCLD ITMO University
Lead DesignerNikolai Matveev
CategoryHealthcare Lighting
DateAugust 2013
LocationSt Petersburg, Russian Federation
The VGoray Project stands for The Art of Perfect Well-Being. The project is developed by an interdisciplinary group of researchers from CLD ITMO University (St. Petersburg, Russia) and artists from Lux Aeterna Theatre (Budapest, Hungary) engaged in the design of a unique audiovisual scenario combining laser projection and sound. The main objective of the VGoray project is to develop a mobile restorative environment that can be used in different spaces to increase productivity and well-being in the workplace. The restorative environment is reproduced by using special equipment and original audiovisual content (VGoray Interference Laser Projector, Multichannel Sound, Panoramic or semispheric projection screen, software, VGoray Concentration and Relaxation Laser-Sound Séance Package), which helps improve performance and emotional health through stress reduction at work for employers and employees. Clocking just 15 minutes of immersion a day may be enough to significantly increase team’s engagement, cohesiveness and overall productivity and, thus, reduce costs caused by stress.