Lead DesignerCamiel Weijenberg
CategoryHanging Lights
DateMAY 2017
LocationSingapore, Singapore
INFINTY is inspired by the indefinite universe.The twisted loop is a symbol of infinity, which has been integrated into the design generated from three irregular metal bands connected on the edges.The internal skeleton consists of a series of triangles keeping the lamp’s body in a perfect triangular shape with the reflective chrome finish symbolizing light in the universe. The lamp’s character is futuristic giving an impression of the galaxy. It is a beautiful piece of design work for illuminating any dining table or simply a piece to decorate the room. For WEIJENBERG an essential part of this design work is in its story; from initial sketches to digital fabrication and 3D modelling in order to create a final lamp. It is novel in that 90% production was done in-house. Initial sketches were advanced using computer program Rhino. Several options were tested in Rhino Grasshopper for viability and a 3D model was developed, labelled into 33 flat fabrication pieces.