The compelling future of Lighting Design and Communication

Lead DesignerChristopher Blewitt
CategoryInnovative Lighting Design Software Applications
DateAugust, 2017
LocationMelbourne, Australia, Australia
Bloom Unit transforms the role of lighting professionals across the industry by providing an unambiguous communications tool that accelerates and elevates the lighting discussion. All too often, lighting is treated as an afterthought, primarily focused on value engineering that leads to compromises in design intent and ignores the critical photometric performance requirements. For the first time, Bloom Unit (a plugin application for SketchUp) uses the massive processing power available in the Cloud to provide a real-time, interactive, physically accurate and photo-real view of project scenes, using only a wi-fi or mobile connected laptop. This Bloom Unit viewport output can be saved as image files or shared live with other team members or clients simply by emailing them an invitation to join your Bloom Unit session from any connected smartphone, tablet, or desktop device. Bloom Unit delivers: SPEED, INTERACTIVITY, PHOTOMETRIC ACCURACY, COLLABORATION and LOW OPERATING COSTS.