Ketra and SquareSpace

Lead DesignerSteven Espinoza, Doug Russell, and Juhee Woo
CategoryLED Lighting Products and Fixtures
LocationNew York, United States
Squarespace is a web-based content management platform that provides millions of users the ability to build and host custom websites and blogs. The runaway success of Squarespace is a testament not only to its brilliant product, but to the importance of a strong workforce. Squarespace was voted in the top ten places to work in NYC in 2014, and continues to draw top talent with its emphasis on a superior office environment. In the new Squarespace offices in SoHo, Ketra acts as the primary source of lighting and as master control of the space. They recognize the importance of providing Natural Light to their employees and the benefits that can be gained. Ketra provides dynamic shifts in the light’s color and intensity all day and night and daylight and occupancy sensors throughout the 90,000+ sqft space for circadian stimulus. Ketra also allows for ease of customization throughout the space with specialized settings for parties and events. 1,110 G2 Linear 258 A20 Lamps 1,264 S38 Lamps