Sonneman Suspenders (Precise & Decorative)

CompanySONNEMAN - A Way of Light
Lead DesignerRobert Sonneman
CategoryLED Lighting Products and Fixtures
DateFebruary 2017
LocationNew York City, United States
Thanks to revolutionary advances in LED technology SONNEMAN—A Way of Light has unveiled a modular system of interconnected elements & suspended luminous components. Comprised of three main components - a power bar, hangers & luminaires - the system can be configured as individual lighting sculptures or as a tiered web of infinite variety. With LED bulbs consuming much less electricity & heat than its halogen counterpart, a single transformer can power many LED luminaires for an unlimited potential for expandability. Suspenders has a max electrical path of 30 ft. in every direction meaning a single transformer can power a total length of 60 ft. Suspenders Precise is a modular LED system of components that adds lighting functionality & performance to the Suspenders system. Suspended from Hangers or fixed flush to a Power Bar, Precise components screw, twist and snap-lock in place, forming unified interlocking assemblies that enhance the range of possibilities.