Acoustic lights by Luxxbox

Lead DesignerJason Bird for Luxxbox
CategoryPendant Lighting
LocationAustralia, Australia
Luxxbox's range of acoustic pendants includes 5 unique styles specifically-manufactured for highly-effective sound absorption. The range, designed and manufactured in Australia, is the most complete range of acoustic pendant lights available. The range offers a choice of high-powered, energy-efficient light sources, is available in different sizes and customisable in a wide range of colors. Pendants are designed to make full use of the oft wasted void between desk and ceiling to reduce reverberated noise. Pendants in all sizes and styles have been independently tested to show a significant reduction in sound which directly corelates to a decrease in noise-related stress and fatigue experienced in open offices. Lights offer a minimum noise reduction of coefficient 0.45 (Class D NRC 0.45 - Class C NRC 0.70). Ever product in the range has been tested for exact illumination output; IES reports are available. New styles set for release in 2018 and complimentary furniture is also available.