Fin Pendant

CompanyTim Webber Design
Lead DesignerTim Webber
CategoryPendant Lighting
LocationAuckland, New Zealand
The Fin Pendants are designed as a sculptural lighting product that expresses a stark contrast in materials between the opaque, warm acrylic diffuser, and the bold, solid metal ‘fin’. The original concept of the Fin Pendant was to create a light that would generate a warm ambience in a space while keeping simple and understated. I wanted to create a relatively organic shape, and through an extensive sketching process a droplet form was stretched, extruded, rounded and smoothed. The 8mm thick steel ‘fin’ cut from plate steel creates the space that the plastic diffuser neatly fits into, and provides the stark contrast between the soft, warm glow of the plastic, with the hard and rigid edges of the steel. The development of the ‘fin’ has provided an elegant profile for the pendant that beautifully and boldly defines the original droplet form. LED strip lighting is applied to a steel panel within the pendant to give an even illumination of the diffuser. Dimensions 540mm L x 190mm W