Lumenbeam Grande

CompanyLumenpulse Group Inc.
Lead DesignerLumenpulse Group Inc.
CategoryOutdoor Spotlights
DateApril 2013
LocationMontreal, Canada, Canada
The Lumenbeam Grande is something altogether different for designers; the luminaire has been designed to accentuate or floodlight architectural exteriors and façades. A member of the award-winning Lumenbeam family, the Lumenbeam Grande is durable (with an L70 maintenance of 120,000 hours) and highly versatile, making it adaptable to a variety of lighting schemes. The luminaire’s performance is particularly noteworthy, it uses just 100W to produce 361,807 candelas at nadir, delivering 1 fc at 602 ft (4000K, 6° optic). The Lumenbeam Grande is rich in options, with: optics for flood or accent lighting; various color temperatures and colors (RGB, RGBW or RGBA); mounting options and an array of control options, including DMX, DALI, 0-10V and Lutron EcoSystem. A tunable white version allows colors to be smoothly adjusted from 2700K to 6500K, warming or cooling the light in response to how a space is used.