CompanyVSSL Outdoor Utility Tools
Lead DesignerTodd Weimer
CategoryLanterns and Torch Lights
DateOctober 17, 2017
LocationVancouver, BC Canada, Canada
VSSL Supplies is revolutionary in the outdoor market; optimizing essential survival gear into an easy-to-carry container. The form factor, aesthetic, and function of the product greatly increase the likelihood someone will be keen to carry the device and be prepared for emergencies. Typical survival kits are bulky, poorly organized, or contain substandard equipment. VSSL is a device that is multi-functional and has strong aesthetic/tactile appeal, making it desirable to not only bring along on excursions, but also share with friends and family - a great way to generate conversations around survival and general preparation. A lifetime of outdoor experience is distilled into these LED lanterns/flashlights. Designed into the handle of the multi-mode light, the best in class components are clearly organized in a functional manner. The advent of LED lighting allows for a reduction in the space that was typically required to hold large batteries that previously powered inefficient bulbs.