Exton IP65 Exterior Trac & Monopoint System

CompanyTegan Lighting
Lead DesignerRenee Green
CategoryOutdoor Hanging Lights / Hanging Lights
DateSeptember 2017
LocationSan Rafael, Ca, United States
Tegan Lighting's Exton IP-65 is designed from the ground up to deliver categorical improvements on conventional exterior lighting. What makes the Exton Track and Monopoint system unique is its modularity. The innovative variety of interchangeable illuminating gems and full cut-off shades, plus the ability to relocate the LED modules along the Powerspan Cable and among the Monopoints are unmatched in the marketplace. All Exton LED modules incorporate state-of-the-art 24VDC 5W, 2-Step Cree Array Chip and 0-10V Dimming in a warm 2700K. Exton combines real world performance, flexibility and mechanical engineering to deliver a premium lighting system.