Microsoft San Francisco

CompanyDesigned by Design Blitz + Summit Engineering
Lead DesignerDesigned by Design Blitz + Summit Engineering, Photographed by Bruce Damonte
CategoryMood Lighting
DateAugust 2016
LocationSan Francisco, California, United States
The design of Microsoft’s San Francisco’s office facilitates a completely mobile experience where technology both guides and drives the user experience within the space. Suspended ceiling panel sails made from illuminated, 3form sculptures draw visitors into the conference center. These color-changing sails glow in Microsoft brand colors were inspired by the iconic “flying windows” screen savers that defined many of customers’ first experience with the brand. The sails create a first impression that is both inviting and instantly recognizable from street levels. The sails navigate visitors to a 30-foot-tall brand landing along which an interactive, digital moss wall appears. The wall, made using Microsoft’s Kinect technology, responds to visitor’s movements, sprouting California poppies and releasing flying monarch butterflies. From the street view, passerby catch sight of the interior splash of colors and illuminating arrangement of sails.