Stump Indoor/Outdoor Light

CompanyDuncan Meerding Design
Lead DesignerDuncan Meerding
CategoryMood Lighting
DateJanuary 2014
LocationHobart, Tasmania, Australia , Australia
Stumps are often used as a table or stool when in the outdoors. This design has taken the idea of dispersion of light through cracks in timber and turned it into a multipurpose object that can be used as a table, stool or to illuminate an area with shards of light. The relationship between light and shadow are integral to Duncan’s design process. Being legally blind with less than 5% sight remaining, the vision of light emanating from the peripheries of different objects reflects the alternative sensory world from which he designs. While Stump comes with a 12 volt indoor driver/plug pack, this weather resistant design is also able to be installed indoor or out by an electrician in most domestic/commercial setting. The light has a custom lockdown fitting in order to increase stability/reduce risk of damage or theft. Its custom LED light fixture has been designed and tested/certified to IP65 ISO conditions. Stumps have a focus on longevity and are made from salvaged timber.