Eclipse by Tilen Sepic

CompanySepic d.o.o.
Lead DesignerTilen Sepic
CategoryMood Lighting
LocationBerlin, Germany
The Eclipse is a lamp that handles the absence of natural light with equal grace as it does the abundance of it. During the day, it is a minimalist but perfect wooden circle on the wall – a symbol, an icon, a statement or a design piece. After sunset, the Eclipse becomes a source of light, not just any but a special one. A light trace in the form of a circle can be adjusted and amplified to suit one’s needs, yet there is also an equally impressive shadow that accompanies each position. Together, the wooden frame, light and shadow make up a group of interconnected elements that transform a wall into a timeless screen. Eclipse is a quality object designed by Tilen Sepič and made on a small scale, in a circle of passionate but skilled artisans. The production process and design details were optimised innumerable times, resulting in uncompromised quality made available at a reasonable price.