Arte em traços de luz / Art in Traces of Light

Lead DesignerGoncalo Andrade Pires
CategoryProjection/Theater Lighting
DateOctober 2014
LocationSintra's Art Museum - Sintra, PORTUGAL, Portugal
We were contacted to do a Light Projection event to promote the newly renovated Sintra's Museum of art. Decided to embark on a journey through time, since the beginning of humanity till the future we wrote a text with in a very simple way means the following: In the beginning when men emerged from darkness he visualised stars and constellations. These little points of light opened their minds and they started imagining animals, myths and stories. And in the future? like our ancestors, lights, lines and forms express the same aspirations, dreams and vivencies. With the uprising of new technologies creating art is more accessible to the people. But that doesn't mean art is banalised. On the contrary, it has been released and the creativity blossoms in each head like never before. This is the future, this is art in traces of light! This kind of promoting event was a blast since it boosted the museum's visits almost 5 times per month. And way above that on the nights of projection.